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Mindful Hearing: How to Avoid Getting Radical Hearing

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The 7 Characteristics

The 7 Judgment Principles to Recognize


Radical Hearing:

1. “Fanaticism.”  In the words of Winston Churchill, a fanatic is someone who won’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

2. Two-category, “black and white thinking."   Tendencies to see the world in terms of “our side” and “the other side” "or no other side.”

3. Immediate Decisioning.  Little or no time is spent in deliberating shades of meaning. Quick decisions about “good” and “bad.”

4. Behavioral Commitment,  Heavy commitment of time and energy to the hot-button topic, less interest in other parts of life.  

5. Impatience With Moderation.    Moderate, middle-of-the-road positions on a hot-button topic are ignored or given no credibility by radical hearers.

6. Extremizing. Polarizing the “opponent’s” position, making it more extreme than that opponent would actually believe.

7. Hostile Others. Thinking that other people are hostile and biased against one’s own side of the hot-button issue.  

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