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The Concept of the Three Latitudes

Research shows that an attitude is not just a single feeling.  More realistically, research shows that an attitude is actually a range of feelings, covering several points of view within the overall scale. So a person may believe several or even many beliefs about an issue.   The breakthrough in measurement came when the researchers developed and tested the concept of Latitudes

Latitude of Acceptance is the position on an issue that is most acceptable, plus other acceptable positions.

 Latitude of Rejection is the most objectionable position on the same issue, plus other objectionable positions.

 Latitude of Noncommitment  is all of  those positions not judged either way. 

The sizes of these tell us how much radical hearing is going on. In any unbiased judgments, they should be about equal in how often the person uses them to judge attitudes and opinions. But when the latitude of noncommitment is small (because radical hearers feel that they have to judge everything) and the latitude of rejection is large (because nothing pleases them), then you can see the closed-mindedness and intolerance typical of radical hearing. The next page provides the scientific evidence for how these latitudes appear in radical hearing.  The bars can go from zero percent to 100% of the judgments in each lattitude.



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